Black Pristine Screens Towel

Pristine Screens Black Microfiber cleaning towels are the safest, easiest way to clean your cell phone or other mobile devices. These cleaning towels are large enough to clean your larger technology items as well such as Computers and TV's. Cell phone cleaning wipes that include chemicals added to them can interfere with both the visual display and touch screen capabilities of your phone. Using a dry microfiber cleaning product will clean efficiently without damaging the surface or leaving any dirt or residue behind. Our Microfiber cleaning cloth's soft material is gentle on your screen and won’t scratch up your phone screen if applied with too much pressure.

Its unique combination of positively charged material actually attracts, traps and lifts away any dirt, oil, moisture, and bacteria left on the surface from day to day use. This is what gives microfiber the ability to keep delicate surfaces clean with minimal effort. 
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Black Pristine Screens Towel
Black Pristine Screens Towel
Black Pristine Screens Towel
Black Pristine Screens Towel
Product Details

  • 7 x 8 inches
  • Black
  • Machine Washable - do not use dryer sheets or fabric softener 
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