Pristine Screens Microfiber Screen Cleaners

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Skyrocket your marketing efforts with custom branded screen cleaners. Free digital proofs and free samples. Low Minimum order of 150 units.

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Sell adhesive screen cleaners or cleaning cloths in your store. Special pricing for  wholesale promo items by distributors.

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Several unique designs to choose from. Get your own sticky screen cleaners, webcam covers, cloths and sanitizing wipes today in  our store.

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Whether you are looking for the hottest promotional product for your brand or the easiest solution to keep your personal mobile devices clean, Pristine Screens has the right solution for you. 

Our microfiber cleaning clothssticky screen cleaners, webcam covers, and sanitizing wipes clean away the dirty, oily smudges we all get on our phones and other mobile devices every day. 

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How the Pristine Screens Mobile Screen Cleaner Works

Our sticky screen cleaners adhere to the back of any mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad, without leaving a sticky residue due to our Multilayer Adhesion Technology™ .

They are washable and reusable. You simply pull the microfiber sticker from the back of your device and wipe away fingerprints, makeup, dirt, and oily smudges. Our stick-on phone screen cleaners are specifically designed to safely and effectively remove 99.7% of germs and bacteria. 

We also offer the larger travel clean cloths that are a perfect fit for you iPad smart cover or other tablet case and can even be used on your laptop screen.

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Microfiber Pristine Cloths and Towels

Quality you can feel! Our Pristine Cloths™ come in a variety of microfiber options from chamois, towel, and standard microfiber. Pristine Cloths™ can be used to clean a multitude of devices, surfaces, and objects. Use them to clean eyeglasses, digital screens, camera lenses, and cars. 

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Pristine Privacy Cleans

A webcam cover and microfiber screen cleaner sticker all-in-one. Similar to our Sticky Clean™ only made to fit over your webcam. Unlike traditional webcam covers that stick to your device with a harsh glue adhesive that leaves a residue, our Privacy Cleans™ gently stick and peel to your devices thanks to our Multilayer Adhesion Technology™ .

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Pristine Screens Sanitizing Screen Wipes

A disposable sanitizing screen wipe that kills germs, bacteria, and viruses while also eliminating dirt and dust. Made with 73% Isopropyl Alcohol and purified water the Pristine Sanitizing Screen Wipe™ is safe to use on any screened device and glass lenses. Use it together with a Sticky Clean™ or Pristine Cloth™ for extra cleaning power! 

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